Advantages of Beard

March 26, 2017

Advantages of Beard

The nature of Fashion is comparatively shorter and it keeps on changing. The fashion for men that we are witnessing these days is about keeping and maintaining beard hair. However, Beard is just not limited for a bold appearance, but has many advantages, as it mainly acts like armor against harmful interactions with the environment.

Beard Hair helps you to protect your skin from sun rays, hence the chances of getting cancer reduces to a large percentage. The fact that UV rays are blocked, thus you look younger.

It is just not protecting you from UV Rays, but also bacteria in your surroundings which can cause throat disease, allergy, and acne and also assists like a filter for the asthma patients. Also, the layer of hair keeps you warm in winters, which again saves you from getting sick.

And the cherry on the top is that since you do not have to shave your hair, thus you have no cuts or bruises caused by the blades and razors, thus you would be swaying the world with your flawless blemish free skin!

However, keep beard is a tactful job, but do not worry as Mr Sunnah has all the essentials like oils and combs to make your beard healthy and stylish with extreme ease.