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Beard oil

Smells amazing

Item not received

9 days and I still haven’t received my item.


Very happy with the quality of the product and worth the price! Only downside was the delivery of it, it took 2.5 weeks longer than expected with little communication received back.

thanks from oz

great service if you want a rep in oz let me know i have 4 retail stores and great online store

Lovely oil and comb

Bought for my husband for Eid! He loved it! The comb is so cute and the oil is amazing! Loved the packaging and the scent on the bag too was lovely! What was it by the way, my whole room smelled of it! Highly recommend! Good quality product, all natural, lovely packaging, what more could you ask for!

3rd Order. this is supper cool and it really helps.

Beard Balm

I just received my order beard balm and oil , after many days due to lock down. yet i have not used balm though it smells good. Jazaakumullahu Khaira.

Love this!

Mashaa’Allah I got this for my father and the oil smells so wonderful. It truly is an elegant smell and not too strong. My father loves the smell and the comb and he was very happy with it. The only thing I’d say is that it is very tiny the oil is really small for the price but the a tiny bit of oil goes a long way so I guess the packaging makes sense. Also, it did take a very long time to arrive considering I’m in the US. Overall, super pleased and will definitely purchase the bigger oil!

Very Good gift, well presented and good quality.

Good option for a gift

Very nice to gift to a bearded friend. Good quality.

The impression one smells so good

Great product for a gift for a brother or father and the smell really nice especially the dark brown impression one.

Lovely gift

Really nice gift, good quality and looks very special! Well presented

Sunnah box

Maa shaa Allah my brother was well pleased with the gift.
Nice oils and beard balm. Beautifully smell.

A well presented gift, would definitely recommend

amazing product

really loved the presentation and beard oil smells amazing

Nice gift idea

Lovely cute package to gift ...but a little overpriced ..apart from that it’s presented well.great
Fast service

Quality products

After seeing @hungryhijabi ‘s insta story I had to check out what Mrsunnah had on their website. I have never been brave enough to buy products that contains fragrance before. Everyone has their own preference on fragrance, HOWEVER, Mrsunnah have not failed to impress myself and my husband! The beard oil smells divine and makes his beard look much healthier already. Packing is simple but less is more! Such a great Eid present (arrived 3 days after ordering) but would also be great for birthdays and anniversaries. I’ll definitely be shopping again!


I love the smell, I love the functionality, it smells so goddam strong, that tiny bottle belongs u more than a half year!

Beard oil

Excellent beard oil I use it everyday. Had an amazing scent to it aswell.

Excellent service

My brother absolutely loved his beard oil, smells amazing too!
He will definitely be ordering again, reply to messages are very quick too. Thank you

Loved it!

I bought this as an Eid gift for my husband and he loved it! He was very impressed with the items inside and he really liked the box and the personalized element of it.

I personally loved the items and the personalized element of it but felt that the box could have been a bit more. Mayeb in the future the box could be upgraded so it looks more classy like the products.

Personalized box

Ma chaa Allah, I can really recommend this box. I bought for my husband for Eid Al fitr and the smell of the oil and the wax is sooooo good! He already felt difference after using the oil and wax after 2 days, alhamdoulillah.

excellent service

I brought this for my brother . very fast and efficient service

Lovely Sunnah Box

Bought this box for my son in law and he loves it.
Thank you really nice cute box that contains beard oils and balms with comb also a travel prayer mat.
Very nice 👍

Purchased a few weeks ago but got the delivery about last a week. Overall it is a good product with smooth sweet, smooth, and natural scent and the remains of the balm is easy cleaning.