December 08, 2019

Grooming Tips For A Patchy Beard

Sadly, all men are not blessed with strong and quality beard growth. Sometimes, you may find missing patches of hair in your beard. Thus, proper care is required with different quality grooming products. Follow the below tips from MrSunnah to fix a patchy beard.

Grow Your Beard Sufficiently

If you shave it often, you will find it difficult to deal with patches. Try not to use a razor for a month and let your beard grow. Thus, the patches can be covered well with healthy growth of hair. Instead of having a clean-shaven look, you can trim your beard after a month to maintain the shape. It will help you to manage the patches, and the stubble will make you look great.

Nurture Your Facial Hair

During the growth of your facial hair, take good care of hair follicles of your face to promote better hair growth. To maintain your hair growth and keep your beard in good shape, make use of grooming products like beard oil, beard balm, beard brush, etc.

Beard Oil – It maintains your skin’s moisture and keeps rashes at bay. Moreover, its fragrance can lift your mood.

Beard Balm – If you want to stylize your beard and keep it in shape, beard balm is a perfect solution. It contains an amount of wax keeping your beard in one place.

Beard Brush - It exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells from your face. Brushing your beard properly enhances uniform hair growth and in one direction, thereby fixing the missing hair patches.

Smart Tips to Remove Patches in Beard

Do not think that a patchy beard makes you look awkward. It looks equally great as a full beard. The best thing you can do is to maintain stubble for a smart look. While trimming, make the sides shorter with sharp edges. Thus, when the hair around the patches grows, it gives you a fuller look.

Beard patches can dishearten you a bit. However, following simple beard grooming tips, you can cover your patches and look handsome. Several types of grooming products are used to style your beard and treat the patches. While buying, look for the top-quality and skin-friendly products from a reputed online store MrSunnah and easily fix your patchy beard.